Vanguard Athletics is a brand built on a vision, on a promise for those who have and will invest there time in it; to help develop and inspire a generation of rising athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world. This is the driving force for everything we do, helping people to become the strongest, most athletic, and most informed athlete they can, all to guide them to an understanding of the limitless potential within them.

Just typing this makes me realize what a tall order and lofty goal this is (maybe it’s the romantic in me), but if we could achieve nothing else, if we could give nothing else to you the reader, this would be our one true desire.

I hope in reading this you not only understand us a little better, but in time allow us to partner with you. This is our invitation, this is our challenge to you; to dare to grow and improve in performance and fitness know-how, to reach for the heights of your true physical potential, not what others or even you think is possible; to join the ranks of future fe-noms and true champions; to become a Vanguard. Until that day my friend, when our paths cross and we embark on this journey together- stay strong;)